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Centre of Excellence for IT/ITeS Assessment and Training (CEIAT)

Initiative of Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of West Bengal

A C E T Aptitude Competence and Employability Test


Text Box:   2009 - 2010 Technable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Since 2005


ACET TAKEN: 24,620

TRAINED: 4,982

PLACED: 3,852 (77.3%)


Text Box: Our dedicated Placement and Corporate Relations Department works tirelessly attending to graduating students. In excess of 170 companies have been hiring candidates from us. Employers primarily belong to the services sector industry segments of BPO, Retail, Banking, Financial, Insurance, Telecom, Call Center, Hospitality, Healthcare, etc. On an average 100 to 125 candidates are placed by us every month. On an average day, 20 to 25 interviews are being arranged between hiring companies and graduating candidates. At least 10 interview orientation programs are conducted every month. Additionally, 4 to 5 campus interviews are arranged at various college campuses. Students completing training program are provided placement assistance until they are placed. 
Text Box: Before you decide to take training or seek placement assistance, it will be worth your while to be aware of the following basic facts:
What are the generic functional areas in a company? That is, what options do you generally have in choosing a functional area for your career.
What generic and specific skills do the recruiters would love to see in a candidate for a position in which functional area?
Are you out to speed with the skills requirements of your career of choice? If not, what skills training will boost your chances?
The following information will help you understand the basics:
Text Box: Generic Business Functional Areas in a Company
Text Box: Job Types and Corresponding Nature of Work
Text Box: Academic Qualifications Required for Different Job Types
Text Box: Academic Qualifications Vs. Functional Area Mapping
Text Box: Skills Required (in addition to academic qualification) for Specific Job