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A C E T††††††† Aptitude Competence and Employability Test


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Since 2005


ACET TAKEN:†† † 24,620

TRAINED:† ††††††† ††††4,982

PLACED:†† 3,852 (77.3%)


Text Box: Scientifically Tailored Employability Program (STEP)
To get any job today, it is necessary for the candidate to poses excellent communication skills in English in addition to academic competence. STEP is a need-based training methodology for improving Employability followed by placement assistance. 
The 87.9% of total ACET candidates securing C grade had quite a variance in their degrees of deficiencies in various tested skills. Obviously, not all of them would require the same amount of time or effort to get better of their deficiencies. Considering the above, the candidates securing C grade are further categorized into Level 1, Level 2, Level 3 and Level 4, requiring training of duration 6 months, 4.5 months, 3 months and 2 months respectively.
The curriculum of STEP is designed to enhance the studentís conversational ability in English, communication skills, soft skills required by the industry, confidence level, positive personality, positive attitude and interview fitness. The methodology developed and exhaustively tested over the last three years uses a unique balance of trainer led knowledge acquisition and interactive group activities in each dayís class. 
Trainers follow prescribed lesson plan and extensively use various methods such as, story weaving, extempore, group discussions, role pays, games, debates, presentations, mock interviews, etc. Listening and comprehension skills are improved by use of audio-visual aid. We make sure to provide each student an environment conducive to communicating in English every day, which helps them develop it into a habit. 
Special personality development and grooming sessions are conducted during the training program.
Classes are held 1 hour 50 minutes a day, 5 days a week. 85% attendance in each level is required for the training program to be effective. Progress of each student in various communication parameters are measured using internationally acclaimed testing methods.
If the training program and the recommended practice drills are undertaken regularly and sincerely, a student will be employable as per current requirements of most of the services sector industries including BPO, IT, ITeS, Call Center, Retail, Hospitality, Banking, Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, etc.

STEP is divided into four level:. 
Text Box: Level1 (duration 1.5 months or 55 hours) focuses on enhancing the studentsí correctness of speech and pronunciation. Those with Industry Employability Index (IEI) (Technableís proprietary model computed employability performance index) at or above 0 but less than 15 will enroll in level 1 and should ideally complete 4 levels of STEP in six months.
Level 2 (duration 1.5 months or 55 hours) focuses on enhancing the studentsí vocabulary in English, confidence to speak, and pronunciation. Those with IEI at or above 15 but less than 30 will enroll in or be elevated to Level 2 and should ideally complete STEP in four and a half months.
Level 3 (duration 1 month or 37 hours) focuses on enhancing the studentsí fluency in English, articulation and pronunciation. Those with IEI at or above 30 but less than 40 will enroll in or be elevated to Level 3 and should ideally complete STEP in three months.
Level 4 (duration 2 months or 74 hours) focuses on enhancing the studentsí neutralized accent, domain skills, soft skills and interview fitness. Those with IEI at or above 40 will enroll in or be elevated to level 4 and should ideally complete STEP in two months.
Industry Employability Index  (IEI) is an index to indicate a studentís employability considering the jobs requiring the highest level of communication and soft skills as the benchmark. This index is calculated by a proprietary model using weighted average of studentís scores against dynamically adjusted industry requirements. Students graduating out of Level 4 is expected to have an IEI of 60 and considered sure to be placed (Job Ready).
Three to four tests are conducted in each level. In each level, all students are provided with scorecards (as illustrated below) graphically displaying their respective rate of improvement in areas of pronunciation, correctness, fluency, listening skills, articulation and vocabulary.
Following is an example of continuous progress report provided to each student: