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Centre of Excellence for IT/ITeS Assessment and Training (CEIAT)

Initiative of Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of West Bengal


A C E T        Aptitude Competence and Employability Test


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Text Box: The End-to-End Employability Process of ACET:
Text Box: We conduct the “Aptitude, Competence and Employability Test (ACET)” once every month in each of our nodal/study centers. ACET is the test for placement of candidates in the BPO, ITeS, IT, Call Center, Retail, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality, Healthcare and other emerging and job producing industries. As the name suggests, it assesses the aptitude, competence and employability of the candidates. ACET is a three hours test and it is divided into three categories.  The “Written” part which has multiple choice questions mainly based on verbal ability, logical reasoning, numerical ability, data analysis, analytical ability, learning aptitude and form analysis. The second part is called “Listening Comprehension”. In this round we play an audio system and make the examinees listen to conversations and dialogues in a native English accent, on the basis of which they answer multiple choice questions asked on paper. The third part, “Voice Evaluation” is the most crucial and important round where experienced voice evaluators interview each individual examinee and assess their communication skills in English. The assessment parameters for this round are Voice quality and modulation, Fluency, Grammar (correct English speaking and vocabulary) and Mother Tongue Influence (MTI) in pronunciation and accent.
Eligibility for taking ACET is 10+2 and above, since some companies are willing to hire non-graduate candidates because it is difficult to get the necessary numbers otherwise.
On the basis of their performance in all the rounds in the ACET, the examinees obtain grade “A”, “B” or “C”.  Each candidate receives an ACET Report showing the score obtained in various competency areas as assessed and an overall grade. 
Students receiving Grade A are immediately assisted with placement. B Grade students receive placement assistance after completing a one month “Voice-based BPO Training”. Students receiving C Grade in ACET receive 2 months to 6 months training, based on their performance in ACET, followed by placement assistance.
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ACET TAKEN:     24,620

TRAINED:              4,982

PLACED:   3,852 (77.3%)