Productivity Enhancement &

Cost Reduction Solutions

for Manufacturing & Engineering Industries


Centre of Excellence for IT/ITeS Assessment and Training (CEIAT)

Initiative of Dept. of Information Technology, Govt. of West Bengal

A C E T Aptitude Competence and Employability Test


Text Box:   2009 - 2010 Technable Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Since 2005


ACET TAKEN: 24,620

TRAINED: 4,982

PLACED: 3,852 (77.3%)


Text Box: Ours is a proven placement oriented training program supported by the Dept. of IT, Govt. of West Bengal and various colleges and Universities. We are soliciting enquiries from able partners/entrepreneurs to open and run nodal centers in metro cities and districts from across India. 

Requirements are:
Space: around 1000 sq. ft. in the heart of the city/town
Financial ability: to invest Rs. 3,50,000/-
Individuals/organizations with experience in training/education business and/or willingness to work for addressing the social problem of unemployment will be preferred 

Business Potential:
Revenue Potential: Rupees 50 to 60 lakhs in 2 years
Profit Potential: 25% to 30%
ROI Potential: 600%
For detailed information, please send us an email or call us.